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Business Automation

Automating your business is all about saving time on routine tasks, so its important to identify those tasks and learn how to automate them. Here at TOSS, we have identified and provide three major areas in need of automated systems:

Sales communication

Sales Automation

Sales performance

Marketing Automation

Sales automation tools

Customer service automation

Sales Automation

Use of Sales Automation Software eliminate repetitive, manual tasks and automates them to allow you and your sales team to focus more on closing sales and getting paid. It tremendously boosts productivity, efficiency, and performance by automating your company's sales processes. With this powerful software, you can manage priority customers, create workflow triggers, and turn leads into loyal customers. With the use of Sales Automation Software you can:

Pipeline management Sales analytics Deal tracking Account-based marketing

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is a sophisticated and powerful automated marketing service designed to fit all your business needs. It includes:

Lead generation
Email Dripping
Customer engagement
Landing page tracking
Sales acceleration
Automatic reports
Deal tracking
Website Integration

When combined with marketing automation, your sales automation software becomes an even more powerful tool. Moreover, TOSS gives you multi-channel capabilities, so you can engage leads better than ever. By using effective marketing and sales automation you can bring in new leads and take them through to the decision making stage, automatically.

Customer service automation

Customer service automation is a customer support process that reduces human involvement in solving customer inquiries and supplements it with technology. It is used to improve support agent productivity. It aims to help customers with minimal human interactions. It also insulates businesses from high call volumes, speeds up customer service processes, and minimizes human error. Apart from these it also helps to:

  • Email dripping
  • Landing page tracking
  • Automatic reports
  • Website Integration

Benefits of implementing customer service automation:

  • Maximum convenience for the customer
  • Empower self-service, even as a first step
  • Closer customer connections with better outcomes
  • Reduction in the number of product return
  • Enable successful platform integrations and maximum connectivity