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“Communication is the key”. Of course! Communication is the key to growth no matter what the context is. In recent times when science and technology has become an inevitable part of our daily life, an efficient contact centre plays a vital role in growth of every industry. Our customized communication solutions help every industrial or other institution to increase their customer base, increase efficiency and track real time data, that too at an effective cost. "

Financial Institutions (BFSI) -
Banks/Financial Services Firm/Fintech companies need call center solutions for financial institutions to provide consistent and top-notch customer service. Our effective solution providing the same along with It supports interactive query solutions and assisted transactions that are the need of the hour, and ensure illegal phone calls, secure and unsecured receivables (credit cards, loans, etc.) must be collected. Our Sampark Contact center software is designed to minimize risk and maximize efficiency. Empower your business by driving customer service, debt collection, and business growth.

Our premium integrated contact center solution software with AI-powered engagement tools that are tightly integrated with third-party CRM / CIM / helpdesk software/database applications to reach customers 24/7. It increases the value of your business' insurance offering with a robust call center solution for the insurance industry. Reach your customers through any channel: voice, message, email, chat, social media, and more. Rapidly scale your team to work from home/anywhere. Key Highlights of the Insurance Call Center Solution:

  • Omni-channel contact center solution that supports all digital channels like text messages, voice, video, mobile applications and social media platforms
  • Unified Agent view of all previous interactions for consistent customer service
  • Customised Hi-tech multi level IVRs which enable intelligent routing and connect customers to the right agent quickly
  • An intelligent Dialer supports almost every Dialing mode such as Preview Dialer/ Progressive Dialer/ Predictive Dialer/ AOD Dialer, etc.
  • Multi Deployment options such as: on Public or Private cloud; Hybrid Cloud
  • AI-efficient Google NLP technology for natural communication
  • AI-efficient tools such as Voice-bots, Chat-bots provide 24*7 customer support
  • Automated Email & SMS Notifications
  • APIs for seamless integration with third party applications
  • Facility to transfer a Chat/ Bot conversation to an available Customer Service Representative
  • Recording option for Voice as well as Screen Logger
  • Comprehensive reporting system with standard default reports
  • Option for customised Reports

Banking & Finance-
An AI efficient cloud communication platform enables any Banking or financial institution to multiply its business in a matter a few days. Whether visiting a branch office, or an ATM or operating their account from their mobile or laptop, customers demand an exceptional service. The importance of communication in the banking sector is paramount not only for securing new customers, but retaining the ones you already have. Our premium contact center software enables any banking institution handle all the customer interactions with ease and efficiency.

Travel & Hospitality-
Indian tourism industry has witnessed phenomenal growth in the last decade and is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. Travel enthusiasts make an extensive online research and try to talk various providers and find the best deal possible. So it is imperative that best lead generation techniques are adopted by the providers and a 24*7 working communication system (which is essentially required during travel) is used to connect with the travelers/clients. Our unified communication solutions are the best choice you can make to deliver an extra ordinary customer experience.

  • Personalised & effective interaction resulting into better customer experience
  • Helps in attracting new customers and retaining the existing customers
  • Comprehensive functionality
  • Maximize Productivity, profitability & improve agent efficiency
  • Rapid implementation enabling operation of multi-channel Contact Centers
  • Fulfills inbound, outbound, blended & multimedia contact management requirements
  • Minimize Operating Costs
  • Inbound calls are routed in efficient and intelligent manner
  • Optimal use of human resources resulting in increased efficiency and profitability leaving the lesser scope for human errors
  • Quick assistance be it via voice, SMS, e-mail or chat.

Taxi Services-
Gradually the taxi service has started entering the organised sector. In this sector where the customer needs 24*7 contact support and real time locations, customer retention is the most crucial aspect. Beginning with booking to pick-up and drop to the destination the customer expects 27*7 customer assistance. Our unified contact centre solutions enables taxi companies to serve delightful communication experience to their customers.


An efficient high-tech communication contact centre is not only beneficial but is an essential requirement for the industrial growth of telecom sector. Our high-tech communication tools and expertise will certainly prove to be a right hand in success of any telecom company. Key Highlights of the Solution:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Personalised and effective interaction that results into a better customer service experience
  • Helps attracting new customers and retaining the existing ones
  • Quality Service
  • Comprehensive functionality
  • Rapid implementation which enables operation of multi-channel contact center
  • All inbound, outbound, blended and multimedia contact management requirements are met in an efficient manner
  • Increased productivity and improved agent efficiency
  • Leverage existing investments and decrease TCO
  • Minimises cost
  • Increase profits by optimising efficiency of your agents and system
  • Better customer experience which helps you attracting new customers as well as retaining the existing ones
  • Optimal use of human resource resulting into increased efficiency and profitability

The global business process outsourcing market size was valued at USD 261.9 billion in 2022 and is projected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.4% from 2023 to 2030. But to stand out, it is very important for a BPO to opt for the right contact centre solutions as it plays key role in increasing the sales and customer retention. Our blended inbound and outbound solutions with CRM integration help you deliver better results and render exceptional customer service. Key Highlights of the Solution:

  • Omni-channel contact center solution that supports all digital channels like text messages, voice, video, mobile applications and social media platforms
  • Customised Hi-tech multi level IVRs which enable intelligent routing and connect customers to the right agent quickly
  • ACD enables an intelligent routing and get customers to the right agent quickly
  • Multiple Dialer support (Preview / Progressive / Predictive Dialer)
  • Dialer manages Do Not Call (DNC) lists and reject DNC numbers
  • Supports selection of dialing mode that best suits the campaign
  • Remote Agent Login
  • Plug-ins for SMS/ E-mails/ WhatsApp
  • IVR & OTP authentication for mobile ensures data security while an agent is working remotely
  • A unique blend of inbound and outbound dialer
  • Agents may login into multiple campaigns and may take calls as per their priority list
  • Enables voice as well as logger screen recording
  • Real time monitoring
  • Comprehensive reporting as standard default reports and facility to opt for customised reports
  • Access to all previous interaction records across all the channels from a single Admin Desktop
  • Tracking, supervising and reporting agent’s performance across multiple login channels by checking real time statistics
  • APIs for third party applications integration
  • Includes all major CRM softwares like Zoho, Lead Squared, Sales force, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, TCS Ion, etc.
  • Facility of advanced number encryption, information masking & secure data storage


In present times where hospital stays are a serious concern for every individual in the society, medical care is technologically complex, resources are constrained, and there is an emergent need for patients and their families to have more information about and involvement in healthcare decisions, an AI enabled communication platform will be a boon. Effective communication of healthcare information empowers patients and their family members to participate as full partners in their care, and is demonstrated to improve adherence to treatment and management.

Health is the topmost priority for every individual. Healthcare at home sounds and feels like a jackpot. Yes! There are various pathology labs offering their customers the option to have the samples collected right from the comfort of their residence. This has led to more complex problems related to data collection and handling customer queries. However, the contact centre software has made these problems disappear. Our contact centre solution system enables path labs to connect their customers and vice- versa through calls, messages and e-mails, making it a better experience for the customer, resulting into increased customer retention. Our system also ensures to handle majority of the information in digital form so that any kind of human errors are avoided.

Ambulance Services-
Private and public ambulance transportation services are operating in large numbers today to serve patients in critical condition. Ambulance operating centers are set up at every hospital and private EMS. These operating centers function with adequate ambulance transportation services to offer immediate medical care for patients. Private ambulance transportation services depict a consistent rise in the growth curve each year offering non-emergency services, unlike hospital ambulance transportation services which primarily function for emergency needs. As we all know that the time plays the most crucial role and lesser the time taken for communication and transportation greater are the chances of survival. So the ambulance services have to be coordinated in such a manner that it caters the need of large demographical network with a quick response time. Our unified communication solutions can very well address the technical communication requirements of ambulance services.


Whether it’s about buying products or services, customers want to deal with it all while sitting in comfort of their home. More than ever emerging trend of e-commerce companies has made shopping a comfortable and rich experience. However, the competitive environment demands that an e-commerce company adopts all hi-tech solutions to get ahead of every other rival in the market. Our unified contact centre software and CRM integrated automated services enable your customer to connect with you through all the channels at all the times. Our high-tech and prompt solutions will help any e-commerce company achieve every milestone of success. Key Highlights of the Solution:

  • Easy to install and easy to use interface
  • Modular, scalable and reliable
  • Personalised and effective interaction that results into a better customer service experience
  • Helps attracting new customers and retaining the existing ones
  • Quality Service
  • Comprehensive functionality
  • Rapid implementation which enables operation of multi-channel contact center
  • Fulfills inbound, outbound, blended & multimedia contact management requirements
  • Enhances productivity and profitability and improved agent efficiency
  • Better customer experience resulting into customer retention and opportunities to cross sell
  • Mindful use of Human resource resulting in enhances efficiency and profitability
  • Better customer satisfaction resulting into repeated business
  • Reduced operating costs and increased efficiency
  • Opportunities to up-sell & cross-sel
  • Customised Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and its skill-based routing help a customer who is calling, find the information they need or is directed to the agent who can guide him best
  • Easy contact continuation with current & future customers through multiple channels such as voice, SMS, E-mail, Chat, and on social media through Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter
  • Schedule follow-up calls for personalised interactions and feedback
  • Missed call management feature ensures that back calls are initiated to address the customer requirements in case any call is missed
  • Web APIs integrated with CRM software which makes customer database easily accessible
  • Teleshopping-
    Teleshopping industry has been constantly evolving with dynamic growing needs of modern day consumers. But teleshopping establishments find it hard to handle the calls when orders come in bulk. We offer comprehensive call Center Solutions to address the need of Tele-shopping customers. Our high-tech communication services can help teleshopping establishments grow heaps and bounds.


    Real Estate-
    Due to urbanization and emergence of nuclear families the real estate sector has witnessed an exponential growth. Various housing infrastructure projects are being launched which has given people the option to choose from a wider range of options available, thus resulting into high competition. We offer you the best communication solutions which can help any real estate company to adopt the best lead generation techniques and to achieve the best conversion rate. Key Highlights of the Solution:

  • Effective management of every lead resulting in increase of sales.
  • Option to answer questions about properties over the phone, based on listings & information sought by the customer.
  • Central information center can act as a business hub for satellite offices.
  • All calls may land at a single location through the virtual call patching option, and then these calls can be patched to the satellite offices or the field sales executives thereby ensuring that all customer calls are monitored and leads are transferred to each of the satellite offices or the field sales executive are tracked & followed up for closure.
  • Our unified contact center solution enables you to set appointments for showing property. When your field marketing staff is busy showing properties or finalizing the paperwork, a real estate contact center ensures that someone is always available to answer any queries.
  • You can assign each property a unique telephone number with recorded property details and an invitation to stay on the line to speak to a real estate agent.
  • Option to track the revenue generation from a particular source/ channel/ campaign
  • Lead management
  • Single or multi-level IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Call Patching to property specialists
  • Tracking source of leads E-mail inquiries
  • Instant call back feature for
  • End to end tracking facility
  • Call back option
  • Comprehensive reporting as standard default reporting with the option to create customised reports
  • Centralised customer interaction
  • Centralised customer interaction
  • Appointment setting
  • NGO's-
    NGOs are the organizations which are free from government control and voluntarily serve the society. There is an endless number of NGOs in our country catering various causes such as women empowerment, environment protection, providing legal services, providing healthcare services, providing food or shelter etc. Major issue for almost every NGO is lack of funds. For fundraising they will have to depend on individual donors from general public, corporations and the government. Effective communication plays very significant role in fundraising for NGOs. NGOs can effectively reach and communicate with donors through various platforms at the same time. Our unified CRM integrated contact centre solutions will address all communication requirements of such NGOs.

    Youth moving to digital channels for almost every possible aspect of life, it is important for educational institutions to meet their expectation and be able to connect with them through any or every channel at any hour of the day. Our easy to use communication solutions help your employees connect with students across multiple digital channels, provide them easy and prompt access to information and connect with teaching professionals. Key Highlights of the Solution:

  • Omni-channel contact center solution that supports all digital channels like text messages, voice, video, mobile applications and social media platforms
  • Customised Hi-tech multi level IVRs which enable intelligent routing and connect customers to the right agent quickly
  • Real time monitoring
  • Comprehensive reporting as standard default reports and facility to opt for customised reports
  • Can be deployed on public/ private or hybrid cloud and on premise
  • Single/ Multi level IVR helps automate directory assistance and answer common questions through helplines
  • Single/ Multi level IVR helps streamline and simplify administrative processes
  • Hi-tech AI integrations help natural language and voice to navigate self-service IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Based on agent’s roles interactions are automatically distributed to the right agents
  • Customers from dropped conversations can easily connect back and resume the conversations
  • Powerful dialer for lead management
  • Call back option
  • Voice bots/ web chat/ WhatsApp bots for quick handling of customer queries
  • Voice recording and screen recording option available for quality monitoring
  • Automated notifications through various channels like Email, SMS, WhatsApp
  • Real-time statistics displayed through customised wallboards
  • Quickly view key metrics and KPIs about assigned service queues, campaigns, teams, and agents
  • Automobile-
    As one of the leading driving forces of the economy, the automobile industry contributes to about 49 percent to India's manufacturing GDP and 7.5 percent to the GDP at large. The auto realm's value chain is responsible for 32 million jobs. But manufacturing and sales are not the only functions. A large chunk of income comes in the form of service and spare parts. So the companies have to ensure customer retention through proactive reminders about service and renewals and should also focus on post service follow ups. Our advances and efficient contact center solutions help you cater all these needs of the customers in an effective manner.

    Utility Services-
    Today we can enjoy all the luxury and comfort within the four walls of our home. However, all these experiences require basic utilities like water and electricity, for their operation. All electronic equipments like refrigerator, washing machine, television, audio system, play station, micro wave, air-fryer etc. especially rely on electricity. Thus a consistent an un-interrupted supply is must. For this utility providers/ companies must ensure operational effectiveness and an effective unified communication system must be there to handle all the customer support queries. Our unified contact center solutions and easy to use interface make utility companies capable of handling their conversations and communications in an efficient manner.

    Dial 100-
    Dial 100 is an integrated emergency response automated system which ensures all public distress calls are addressed and closely monitored from a centralised control room. With an alarming increase in rate of crimes: anytime, anywhere policing has become the need of hour. To ensure total satisfaction of citizens with the delivery of assured quality of police service it’s important to maintain a fully equipped, integrated communication and control system. Its important to have an AI efficient communication system so that a person in dire need of police assistance can get the necessary help and that too, before its too late. Our easy to use communication solutions ensure that all these distress calls meet the expected standards of quality and are fully audible, and can be managed through a single window system.

    Yellow Pages-
    The yellow pages are telephone directories of businesses, organized by category rather than alphabetically by business name, in which advertising is sold. Directory services companies or yellow pages companies need to provide their customers easy and rapid access to information across various platforms. Companies are providing advertisers an option to connect directly with the caller. Our easy to use automated CRM services and communication solutions enable directory/ yellow pages companies to handle all their customer inquiries in an appropriate manner.

    Banking and Finance