Voice (Automatic Voice Blaster/ Voice Broadcasting/ Voice Blast)

AOD has a very imperative role to play in reaching a large target audience in the language of their choice, for alerts & notifications. With its all-inclusive scope of making large volume / bulk voice calls, AOD / OBD not only works at reducing the risk of human error by automating repetitive calling to large groups of customers but also allows the personalization of recorded messages that are passed onto customers on each call. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) allows a pre-recorded voice to interact with humans through Voice and DTMF tones input via the keypad. You can use your phone’s keyboard to create a certain outcome. Reach your customers with a professional Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system provided by Sampark and route calls to the right team based on the caller’s input. The Sampark Voice platform is highly versatile and may be deployed anywhere. It works equally well; whether:

Automatic Voice Blaster
Automatic Voice Blaster information

In premise

Automatic Voice 2023

In a private network

Automatic Voice Blaster 2023

In the public network

Call center telephony should be agile, resilient, and cost effective.

This is what our Voice platform delivers.

Make sure you’re not overlooking good user experience. Poorly designed software takes longer for your customer service teams to learn to use — and can delay tasks. Our contact center software is designed in close collaboration with the agents and admins who actually use it. The user interface is easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to manage. And that translates to a boost in your contact center’s productivity.

Why Choose Us?

Our Voice services help you to:

call with voice

Advanced call center telephony at a fraction of the cost

the voice call

AOD, ACD, IVR, recording, monitoring, reporting & much more

voice recording calling

Active blending and fine tuning of SLAs

voice recorder on call

Real-time tracking & reporting of agent performance

call through voice


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